SAP, Proximus and Ordina joined forces to build IoT solutions.

Based on the SAP Leonardo and SAP HANA Cloud Platform


Proximus was the first telecoms operator in Belgium to begin rolling out an IoT network based on LoRa™. LoRaTM stands for Long Range Low Power. Sensors are connected directly to the new IoT network so that the owner can then safely call up the centralised data. Given that LoRaTM uses very little energy for long distance communication, the batteries for connected sensors last several years and the devices can function autonomously for years. The technology allows devices fitted with sensors to be managed, monitored or read remotely.


Ordina built the service platform that Proximus uses for IoT: MyThings. Customers can use a web portal and a mobile app to onboard sensors easily and manage IoT hardware. The scalable platform captures all the sensor data and sends it securely to the owner. Proximus and Ordina are joining forces to help customers build innovative applications based on LoRa and IoT. Virtually every business and every sector is a potential customer. SAP, Proximus and Ordina joined forces to build IoT solutions based on the SAP Leonardo and SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
Together we are working on the adoption of IoT in various areas such as for smart industries, healthcare, logistics and utilities. Customers can define new business models quickly and cost-effectively and integrate them smart with their business applications.

Proximus and SAP

Ordina acts as end-to-end IT partner for Proximus and SAP. Besides delivering reliable IT solutions, we think structurally about innovative, sustainable solutions with an optimal total experience for customers.