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Tim Vierbergen

Tim Vierbergen (34, sports fan undergoing rehabilitation) is a full-stack developer and head of the competence center ‘continuous integration & delivery’. He has been living his passion for all things technological at Ordina for the past five years. We’ll leave it to him to tell you why he pitched up in Mechelen.

What have you been doing since joining Ordina?

Tim: “I started at Ordina as a back-end developer, but soon developed into full-stack. Today, I work for clients including the Port of Antwerp (Antwerpse Havenhuis). There, the team and I are creating a communication tool to make the coordination between tugboat crews and their control room more efficient.”

What do you think is special about the job?

Tim: “Besides being a developer, since the beginning of 2017, I have also been the head of the competence center ‘continuous integration & delivery’. That is a group of colleagues specialising in the management systems for automatic testing and acceptance of software. A lot of technical content, but as a tech fan, I have no complaints about that. So I am always aware of the latest developments. I also think it is fantastic that my employer gives me the opportunity to upgrade my skills.”

How would you describe the team spirit at Ordina?

Tim: “In the context of the competence centers, we often give workshops to each other and to other groups to share new knowledge. That always happens in a very informal, friendly atmosphere. We order pizza or some Chinese, followed by a fascinating session about a relevant subject. In that we not only expand our knowledge, but it creates a bond with colleagues. We help each other move forward in a healthy, competitive way.”