A job with impact is satisfying

Gert Vermeersch

Meet Geert Vermeersch (28), industrial engineer and SAP competence leader at Ordina. He started his career with a focus on the classic SAP system, but gradually grew into an expert in SAP user experience and front-end technology. Between them, he has been devoting his energies to presales.

“I keep tabs on the latest technologies and see which innovative solutions we could possibly develop”, he explains. “For example, we are working with SAPU15 and Fiori, and building applications on the new SAP Cloud Platform. We are doing that together with SAP themselves.”
Gert found out about Ordina via his best friend. “He knew I was looking for a job with a varied range of tasks, so that I could sink my teeth into all sorts of projects.” Ordina understood that I like to keep challenging myself. One of my biggest assignments was developing mobile applications for the Catholic University of Leuven: for example, apps that enable students to submit their thesis. Over 100,000 students, professors and other staff of the Catholic University of Leuven are now working more efficiently as a result. And that is a source of satisfaction.”

Unique career prospects

What does Gert like most about his job at Ordina? “Here you get a broader picture of the whole technology scene. Ordina encompasses so many different units and types of expertise. That’s what keeps us innovative. Ordina is also an environment where I can continuously update my knowledge and skills. Your talents are recognised, and you get the opportunity to develop personally in the direction of your choosing. If you show you want to learn new things – and it doesn’t have to be in your specialist field – it’s possible. That strikes me as pretty unique.”