A place to work for a dedicated all-rounder and creative reformer

Erwin Van der Taelen

Erwin Van der Taelen (50) is driven from all sorts of points of view: he is a devoted father of four daughters, ‘addicted’ to his daily 15 km run, and a passionate manager at Ordina. As Transformation & Strategic Manager, he runs challenging and complex transformation programmes, and as Competence Lead PMO, he encourages project managers to give of their best. A brief Q&A:

What exactly do you do at Ordina?

Erwin: “With the motto ‘change is the only constant’, I support clients with their digital transformation. For example, I am advising clients including Proximus about a new vision and strategy. In practice, I support them in switching from their current way of working to a flexible and competitive approach that fits their new strategy.
Bottom line: I help IT organisations to reinvent themselves, so that they can continue offering added value to final customers with their business. I consider myself from that viewpoint as a ‘creative reformer’ and all-rounder. On a daily basis, I use my leadership skills, experience in organisational change and innovation and my understanding of business processes and IT systems.”

How do you see Ordina?

“Ordina has proven itself to be a sturdy yet versatile sailing boat on a clear course. There are so many different talents here! Ordina is an effervescent, innovative organisation that invests heavily in junior and medior profiles. And as competence PMO lead, I am glad to be able to contribute to their development. Personally I believe strongly in the idea: ‘Don’t pull on a flower to make it grow, but give it light, some good soil and fertilizer and it will grow all on its own’. That is the way our competence center way of working creates ideal conditions for personal growth.”

What makes Ordina so unique as an employer?

“I love adventure and change. I like to seek out a challenge, and I really enjoy being on the move. And Ordina responds well to that. I am always given complex assignments, and can also take on the role of people manager in them. It gives me so much energy to see people discovering and developing their talents! And that creates added value for our clients. It puts our Ordina motto of ‘ICT for people’ into practice”.