A young team that really thrives on work

Lode De Bot

Lode De Bot, aged 30 and a mountain-biker, works as a Project Manager at Clockwork, Ordina’s digital engagement consultancy. Clockwork helps firms to devise a (digital) strategy, devotes its energies to UX design, as well as designing marketing and communication campaigns. Lode’s job is different to that of your average project manager. Besides project-based tasks, he is also responsible for team planning, he is involved in recruitment and selection, takes part in intake and follow-up discussions with clients, and draws up and checks price quotes.

Lode: “Right now, we are working on a digital transformation process at a large bank. Together with my team, we are charting out the needs of the bank’s management, staff and customers. We are drawing up a roadmap that the bank will be able to implement easily in the next few years. I am the central point of contact in that process, and ensure that the right information reaches the right place, and that the budget, timing and scope are kept under control. For technical questions, I can call on colleagues from other units. The broad, complementary expertise of the various teams is one of Ordina’s unique assets.”

For strategic decisions that are, of course, closely connected with Lode’s operational responsibilities, he can rely on his Business Unit Manager. “We complement each other nicely: administratively, I’m in charge, while he has a more commercial mindset. I can always put questions to him and my colleagues: everyone is very cooperative and motivated. There are a lot of young people working in the Clockwork unit, who are really keen to work with the most diverse range of projects. Running an enthusiastic group like that is really great.”