Flexibility is great!

Els Vanderschot

Els (36) works as a service manager at Ordina. Together with her team, she supports the validation of software solutions at pharmaceutical companies. That way, they guarantee that those tools operate properly and according to legally imposed standards.

Els is responsible for managing contracts, and makes sure there is always enough manpower and resources available for each project. She has only been in that role for a few months. Els: “The idea actually came from my manager, who thought that I was cut out for that job. Now that I am finding my way around, I realise she was right. I like doing my job, and I am good at it.”
Flexibility is very important to Els. “Driving to and from Mechelen is not always easy for me as a working mother,” says Els. “Ordina makes it possible to combine a family with a career. I have a certain amount of flexibility in scheduling my work. One day I am a bit earlier, or a bit later, and sometimes I work from home.”
“What is more, there is very little hierarchy in the company,” Els continues. “That flat structure creates an open atmosphere, and means that anybody can knock on the door with a question, or just drop in for a chat. And you can also do that during the many social activities: a teambuilding event, running competition or a family Sunday … Ordina is very keen on the human aspect.”