From the classroom to the starting blocks

Kris Gilissen

Kris Gilissen, 35 and an amateur photographer, has a dual role at Ordina: service manager and support engineer. That makes his days very varied: Kris and his colleagues come up with a service portfolio, monitor the service provision, and provide the technical support for a number of clients.

Kris: “I came into contact with Ordina via a job fair at which the Summer School was presented. The programme prepares you in three months for a job as a consultant: intensive training, both from the technical and personal viewpoint, took me from the classroom to working life. Now I have been working at Ordina for 10 years.”
Since 2013, the Summer School has been known by the name Kickstart Traineeship, and every year it offers 35 enthusiastic people a helping hand to get their career moving.
The excellent contact with his colleagues makes Ordina the ideal place to work as far as Kris is concerned. The relations with managers are good too, which is good for the working atmosphere. But it is mainly the opportunities that Ordina offers you to develop personally that make the job unique
Kris: “In a short period, I was able to evolve from being a developer to a service manager. The Ordina Academy regularly organises training courses. So I continuously develop myself in the most diverse fields.”