Get to know every kind of business as a consultant

Wim Cant

Wim Cant (38, sports enthusiast and foodie) works as a project manager at Ordina. Wim loves a challenge, and that makes Ordina his ideal place to work. We will let him tell you why.

What was the reason for your career switch?

Wim: “Being slightly busy and having sufficiently challenging tasks in a job is very important to me. Just sitting behind a desk for hours is not for me. At Ordina, expectations are high, and that suits me fine. Every day, that is how we offer added value to our clients. The healthy stress that is involved in that is rather stimulating.”

How has your Ordina career been going so far?

Wim: “I started as a programmer, but soon noticed that planning, organising and managing projects was more my thing. I was immediate given scope to work on internal projects, and I soon started working at clients’ premises. My manager quickly noticed that a project manager job suited me better, and encouraged me to explore my talents further.”

Where have you worked?

Wim: “Actually, everywhere. Recently we provided a project in a large hospital group, where we streamlined the recording and acceptance of medical procedures, which relieved the staff of a lot of paperwork. But we also make our contribution in the banking, pharmaceutical and energy sector. Since I am always pitched into a different context, I am getting to know every kind of business as a consultant. A project cannot just be replicated for a different client: you always need to examine the environment and its specific needs and adapt your approach to that.’

What do you like best about working at Ordina?

Wim: “The variety keeps the job interesting, but the family feeling and team spirit within Ordina play a role too: everyone helps each other, and by giving constructive criticism, we all learn something new. I do give training course myself, so as to share my experience with my team. The personal development and learning opportunities are typical of Ordina: we always aim for more and better in every respect.”