I derive satisfaction from software validation that increases patient safety

Bauke De Maeyer

Bauke De Maeyer (33) has been working as a validation consultant at Ordina for 4 years. Among other things, she makes sure that pharmaceutical software is tested thoroughly and works exactly the way it should. She tells us why that is so important in this Q&A.

What is rewarding about your job?

Bauke: “Pharmaceutical processes are strictly regulated. At European level, a project is being rolled out right now that is intended to put a stop to the production and distribution of counterfeit medication. Each package has a unique code, so that it can be traced from the production site to the pharmacy. In order to make that project a success, the software that generates the codes must work flawlessly. Together with my team, I carry out the validation and quality control of that software, and check the documentation about it meticulously.

What’s the best thing about working at Ordina?

“I derive satisfaction from the software that we validated actually being used in production processes. Together with my colleagues, I guarantee in that way that patients receive safe medication. Apart from the fact that the job content suits me, the flexibility at Ordina is a plus too: to a certain extent, I can decide my own working hours, and combine my work with my family life.”

Do you learn a lot of new things through your work?

“I am regularly informed about training courses on general and more specific topics that are particularly relevant for my job. We are encouraged by everyone to expand our knowledge, and that suits me down to the ground. New employees in our unit also receive thorough internal training.”