Individual initiatives are greatly appreciated

Tom Colpaert

Tom Colpaert (26), a sports enthusiast who joined Ordina recently as a business analyst, is not afraid of a challenge. “I started out as a consultant because I was unable to choose between my many interests. Ordina seemed pretty understanding about that: here you can head in all sorts of directions. And you get every possible support in doing that. My manager calls me up regularly to find out how my projects are going, and I can take training course to continue my development as a business analyst.”

Tom’s first project at Ordina is a big hit. “Very interesting: I am listing the requirements for being MiFID II compliant for a big bank in Ghent”, he says. “I convert those conditions into technical terms that the bank staff can then work with. In that way, the bank not only avoids fines, but protects and informs its customers properly.”
Tom describes the atmosphere at Ordina as open and encouraging: “I have the feeling that everyone can be themselves there. My colleagues are passionate about what they do and are living the dream. Personally, I feel appreciated there – which is definitely something that is motivating. If I have an idea or a proposal, then my manager is glad to make time to discuss it. I am always looking forward to what my next project could be. I am happy to have found an employer in Ordina who understands me 100%.