My job needs to have a certain fun factor

Jens Helderweirdt

After 4 years as a software engineer at Ordina, Jens Helderweirdt (26) is convinced: “Ordina as an employer suits me fine. I am a real people person and love sparring with colleagues. I am not scared of hard work, but my job needs to have a certain fun factor. And there needs to be scope for personal development too.”

Competence centers, a source of knowledge and inspiration

There is no shortage of attention to personal development at Ordina. ‘Competence centers’ are working groups where employees meet after working hours to indulge their passion for technology and swap ideas. ‘We have groups to talk about the web, mobile, Internet of Things, etc.”, says Jens. “Since I have been working at Ordina, I have been actively involved in them. My focus is web technology, a specialisation that I can see my future in. The competence center is ideal for that: after a meeting with colleagues, I leave with new knowledge and inspiration.”

Kick-start your career

Jens started at Ordina on a student traineeship, and ultimately found his way onto the Kickstarter course. “When I applied to join Ordina, I knew from my traineeship that there was a good atmosphere in the company. Their Kickstarter programme was my next step. After 3 months, I was ready for my first project: as part of the team, to develop the mobile application of Telenet Yelo TV. Since then, there have been a lot more of interesting projects, including at Digipolis Antwerp. And for the Federal Police, I am currently working with .NET Core, Angular and Ionic, for example.”
At Ordina, Jens feels that his passions and interests are supported. “I have a lot of opportunities. I was already able to attend conferences like Techorama and GOTO Copenhagen. And I am being encouraged in other initiatives too – it’s very motivating.”