Pleasant working atmosphere, challenging projects

Jan Serrure

Jan Serrure (35) has now been working for three years at Ordina as a project manager & business analyst. And he really loves it. “I am challenged, I am involved in great projects, discover new things and occasionally get to go abroad for my job”, he says.

What exactly do you do at Ordina?

Jan: “To give you an example: for a new Volvo production plant, I examined the extent to which the standard applications for running the production were suitable for local needs. A complex project, but very fascinating. A particular challenge was to keep everything as affordable as possible for the client. Another example is my current project: for a leasing company, I am helping to replace the software that monitors the leasing contracts. And it has a tight deadline.”

What makes Ordina so unique as an employer?

Jan: “There is a pleasant atmosphere at Ordina. People work hard, but our colleagues are very relaxed. And the horizontal company structure means that there is no problem for me to drop in to see the CEO to discuss something. And then there is our competence centre operation: we meet after working hours in voluntary working groups to expand our knowledge. And there are other extracurricular activities that I appreciate too. For example, there is the excursion to Pairi Daiza, where we will be taking our partners and children. Or our teambuilding events. Some units even go on skiing holidays together.”

How do you work on your personal development?

Jan: “At the beginning of the year, a personal development plan is drawn up for everyone, in consultation with the business unit manager. You can indicate in that plan the areas where you want to develop your knowledge and skills. Or if you want to take a different direction? Yes, you can do that too. Once your goals have been decided, it is up to you to achieve them. I recently went on a training course about security, because I believe that knowledge can help me with my projects. I have an exam soon, so fingers crossed!”