At Ordina, I have plenty of opportunities to increase and broaden my knowledge

Yannick De Turck

For 29 year-old Yannick De Turck, senior Java consultant & competence lead JVM Languages at Ordina, personal development is high on the list. “That is exactly why I started at Ordina”, he explains. “Their vision mirrors my own: you have to continuously invest in acquiring knowledge and innovation.”

What exactly do you do at Ordina?

Yannick: “As a Senior Java Consultant, I developed a process and case management system for Belfius, which makes it easier for the bank to keep track of its business, as well as reducing mistakes and exchanging data faster. I also have a coach role for the interns – which is just perfect for me. By coaching others, I improve my own skills. At Ordina, I run the JVM Languages competence center by giving presentations and workshops on Java-related topics. I also review drafts for our Ordina JWorks Tech Blog and I run the annual Kickstarter course of the JWorks unit for new graduates.

What makes Ordina so unique as an employer?

“At Ordina, you get a perfect mix of professionalism and teamwork. My colleagues are all keen to learn, motivated and have a great passion for their specialist field. That enthusiasm is contagious and encourages you to give the best of yourself. In addition, we receive the support and freedom we need from our business unit manager to make our team as strong as possible.”

How do you work on your personal development?

“I have now been a consultant for 8 years, which means I have accumulated quite some technical expertise and soft skills. I do however find it more and more important to hone other skills, such as leading, motivating and engaging colleagues. It is my ambition to become even stronger technically and to combine that with a management role. I want to continue surpassing myself, as well as helping others to grow. As a consultant, competence lead and coach I get every opportunity to increase and broaden my knowledge.”