Kris Janssen

Taking yourself and clients to a new level

Kris Janssen

Test engineer Kris Janssen (35) is not scared of heights: in his time off, he goes climbing, and during the week he works as an Ordina consultant at forklift supplier TVH in Waregem. Meanwhile, he is continuing to work towards his big ambition: becoming a full-time functional analyst.

Current project

“At TVH, we are working with a team from Ordina and in-house staff on an asset management tool for final customers,” Kris explains. “That way they are able to manage their machines more efficiently, and TVH can increase customer loyalty by offering that extra service.

Between development and business

Within the team, Kris works as a tester and a functional analyst at the same time. Ultimately, he wants to take on the latter role full-time. Kris: “I have a background in testing, but the job of functional analyst has always appealed to me. You become the link between development and the business. At Ordina, I am being given every opportunity to develop into that role, both by exchanging knowledge with the competence centers and via experience in the field. Furthermore, we are actively encouraged to take training.”

Kris is working full-time on the TVH project in Waregem, but actually lives in Brussels. However, he still manages to maintain a work/life balance: “I work from home several days a week, or from the Ordina head office in Mechelen. That flexible attitude enables me not just to plan my own schedule, but also to maintain contact with people at Ordina who are outside the TVH team