Together towards a safe digital world

Wessel Doldersum

Introducing Wessel Doldersum. The 35 year-old Dutch special beer connoisseur was in the armed forces for years, but since 2016, he has been working as a Security Consultant at Ordina. He tells you exactly what that involves in this short Q&A.

How did you come into contact with Ordina?

Wessel: “My interest in ICT is nothing new, but as a soldier, I never did anything about it. When I moved to Belgium with my wife, I soon came across a vacancy notice at Ordina. I already had a positive image of the company, so I had no hesitation in trying my luck. The horizontal structure of the company – which is a big difference from my previous job – appealed to me. Since I joined, that image has only been confirmed.”

What does the job involve?

Wessel: “In my team, we try to make the digital world safer. We carry out risk analyses to see the extent to which companies are meeting certain standards, such as ISO standards, and together we examine what steps we can take to limit those risks. We do that for energy companies, food companies, financial institutions, actually pretty much anywhere.”

What makes Ordina a unique place to work?

Wessel: “When I was looking for a job, I needed to find an employer who pays sufficient attention to personal development. At Ordina, your career is really geared to self-improvement: I can simply tell my management where I want to be heading, and we work out together how to get there. We then arrange everything to take me in that direction, via training and courses, and continually matching needs and expectations. Personally, I have been on a CXS and a CIPT course to hone my expertise.”