Working at Ordina is an adventure

Sebastiaan Tempels

Introducing Sebastiaan Tempels: basketball referee during the weekend, senior technology engineer and architect at Ordina during the week. The 31 year-old techie devotes his energies mainly to the architectural background of technical solutions. Now he tells you how that happens in his job.

What exactly does your job involve?

Sebastiaan: “Every company has its own challenges: organising production more efficiently, streamlining control processes, or managing personnel better. With my colleagues, I look for the most suitable solution for the client, and establish which components have to be configured how in a design. We link the various architectural components together in a smart way, to provide the optimum service to our customer.”

Do you learn a lot of new things at work?

“At Ordina, I can develop my knowledge and skills at my own pace. Broadly-based training courses are provided and all consultants can sign up for them to expand their soft skills and technical foundation. I can also apply to my manager for a more technical course, and usually I get to go on them. We share our knowledge between colleagues via the Competence Centers. We are able to decide the topics for those working groups ourselves. So I get to contribute to outlining my own career path.

What makes working at Ordina unique?

“There is a strong emphasis on the human aspect. The working atmosphere is pleasant, and events are being organised to promote team spirit. As a consultant, I am often out on the road or working at clients’ premises. So I don’t get to see my colleagues every day, but I have good contacts with them through the many social events. Soon we are going with all Ordina staff to Pairi Daiza. That way I get to meet people outside my own unit.”