Working at Ordina: personal development is a big advantage

Kimberly Hermans

Meet 27 year-old Kimberly Hermans, data scientists and practice manager at Ordina. She joined the ‘business intelligence and analytics’ unit of the consultancy firm as an inquisitive commercial engineer. “Here, I am given every opportunity for personal development”, she says.

What kind of projects are you working on at Ordina?

Kimberly: “Well, for our client innogy SE, the parent company of European energy suppliers like Essent Belgium, I developed a predictive model, for example. Based on anonymised data, I created a mathematical formula that predicts which people will call the service center. With that information, innogy SE can work more proactively: they can contact specific profiles themselves and anticipate what information they will need.”

What’s best about your job?

“I really like the open corporate culture at Ordina. You can talk to anyone – from the cleaners to the CEO. Colleagues and managers are really interested in you and your career. At Ordina, every year you sit down with your manager to examine which direction you want to go in, what your interests are, what your potential career progression is and how you can work towards that. And that is exactly what I was looking for after my education: an employer where I could continue to develop as a person. For school-leavers, there is even the Kickstarter programme, which converts your academic background into practical skills. The masterclasses that you can take afterwards are guaranteed to help your further development.”

How are you working on personal development?

“Besides an annual discussion, I also meet my manager every month to discuss how my projects are going. In that way, I get plenty of opportunity to flag up any problems, or just to emphasis particular areas of interest. If there is something that really fascinates me, then an objective is defined that relates to it. Then I can propose and take training course to increase my knowledge about that topic, for example.