Working on the technologies of the future

Axel Bergmans

Over a year ago, Axel Bergmans (23) was still attending lectures at the Thomas More technical university in Geel, but now he is a Java developer at Ordina. “I have a huge passion for computers and technology, and more specifically for the Internet of Things”, he says “And that did not escape the attention of the members of the examination board for the presentation of my Bachelor thesis. It was sheer coincidence that somebody from Ordina was on it, and contacted me afterwards: did I want to attend an interview? That inspiring meeting soon convinced me.”

From Kickstarter to IoT specialist

Axel started his career with the Ordina Kickstarter course, a training programme that prepares new graduates for actual working life. “As a first project, I had to contribute to a connected car solution”, Axel says proudly. “Our team developed a platform that supports this product. Immediately a fascinating assignment with impact: via the data that the client collects using it, he can continuously improve customer service.”
For Proximus, Axel worked on a different project: MySense, a multifunctional sensor that detects movement and temperature, among other things. “The sensor contains a push-button and LORA antenna”, Axel explains; “LORA is an advanced, new type of network, ideal for IoT applications. That way I am working on the very latest technologies.”
Axel’s conclusion about his first projects at Ordina: “I have learned an incredible lot. My colleagues are my main source of inspiration. I think it is great that we meet after working hours to work on projects, share knowledge and discuss the latest new developments. You notice that all ideas are welcome. And you get scope and support to develop them. A super place to work!