6 reasons to outsource IT components anno 2018

6 reasons to outsource IT components anno 2018

The world is changing and your organization is changing with it, at least that is the intention right?. I wish to be clear, I do not want to talk about ‘IT management contracts set in concrete’. I am talking about more contemporary, smarter approaches to cooperation with IT service providers. Organizations have different considerations to involve IT expertise from the market. Factors are not often isolated. On the contrary, usually one is related to the other. There are also a few obvious advantages. I would like to list them for you:

1. Space

… to focus on your core business. Focusing on core activities is a major reason to outsource IT components. In that way, the existing workforce has more space and energy for innovation and product development. Issues that strengthen the distinctive character of your business. However, connecting supporting non-core activities to the core business remains crucial as does maintaining control of them.

2. Lower total cost of ownership

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of the IT facility may be more favorable if the organization outsources certain activities temporarily or permanently to a partner for whom those activities are the core business. Increasing we are seeing that businesses who took activities offshore are deciding to onshore them again because the work requires proximity and direct attention.

3. Flexibility

As I have already mentioned: the world is changing and the need for specific IT solutions is changing too. Agreements with suppliers set in concrete do not suit that. The IT provision must keep pace with those changes or it must be possible proactively to adapt them. That requires the appropriate flexibility in contracts and delivery formats.

4. Innovation

To integrate new developments, such as contemporary mobile (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device) and cloud computing into the strategy, innovation of IT provision is required. The fastest way to innovate oneself is often to work with an experienced partner.

5. Continuity

Change is good, but it is crucial that your basic facilities remain in place during that change. You should better not take any risks here, that is a no brainer.

6. Scalability

For some projects, extra manpower is needed temporarily and should then be reduced again. Scalability has a close relationship with the flexibility your organization needs to make progress.

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