Accelerator: how we invest in our people

Ordina is a knowledge company. Consultants are constantly working on acquiring knowledge, exploring new technologies and developing their talents. For example, the organisation also invests in its own training programmes, such as the Kickstarter programme for recent graduates. In 2018, the Accelerator programme was added: a training programme tailored to the needs of media and seniors.

As a consultancy company, we collect knowledge and bring it to the customer. That is why it is crucial that we keep up with the latest technological developments. But just as important are the soft skills of our consultants. With Accelerator, we provide employees with the necessary tools to develop themselves further – not only in technical terms, but also in terms of social and organisational skills.

Abundant training opportunities

We want to offer our customers an ever better service. Only by investing in our people can we make a lasting difference. For example, we encourage employees to follow training courses and take part in our competence centres – working groups on specific topics where employees can go beyond their working hours to discuss their passion for technology and exchange ideas. The Accelerator programme provides an additional training opportunity.

On to the next career level ?

Through Accelerator, medior and senior profiles receive training and workshops from Ordina for two years to literally speed up their careers. It will be a mix of theory and hands-on practice sessions.
We foresee various entry moments. And there will be a specific Accelerator process for each business unit, so that the programme is adapted to each expert type at Ordina. Ultimately, our employees are given a great deal of freedom to find their own way. But through Accelerator, we want to show that we will continue to support them in raising their career levels.

With this new training programme, we are strengthening Ordina’s eager to learn mentality. Innovation is only possible if we dare to challenge ourselves. We are convinced that our experts will take the next steps to develop their careers.