Solidariteit voor het Gezin

Customer-oriented, efficient staff planning with Ordina and the Quintiq solution

In the future, staff planning at care provider Solidariteit voor het Gezin will be much more efficient, flexible and focused on the needs of the customer. Ordina Belgium will work with the customer to implement the Quintiq operations planning and scheduling software solution.

Solidariteit voor het Gezin offers a wide range of care services in Flanders and Brussels, from home nursing, home help, and household and childcare assistance to arranging assisted living, residential care, and childcare services. The company also offers voluntary work and much more. Until recently, these services were managed by separate divisions, each with its own approach and tools. However, this is about to change, as Solidariteit voor het Gezin is planning to centralize all of its services in order to future-proof the business. An integrated platform for staff planning is one of the first steps of this plan.

Best practices from the care sector

“For Solidariteit voor het Gezin, it’s really important to have a staff-friendly policy that takes into account the needs of all 5800 employees,” says Guy Vervaet, director of IT at Solidariteit voor het Gezin. “At the same time, our customers are demanding greater flexibility and employment regulations are becoming stricter. This presents us with a uniquely complex puzzle when it comes to planning our resources.” Solidariteit voor het Gezin contacted Ordina to help put the pieces of this puzzle together. The consultants from Ordina will implement the intelligent, fully integrated Quintiq software solution for the home care sector. The solution will provide a set of best practices for care providers, making it possible to ensure centralized planning of all services.

Balancing flexibility and strict rules

“Thanks to the advanced automation features in Quintiq, Solidariteit voor het Gezin will soon be able to plan more quickly while taking into account the needs of customers and employees, and as a result of this, increase overall efficiency. Quintiq automatically develops plans based on a set of criteria, such as customer needs and skills, availability, and employee preferences. If there is a scheduling conflict or an employee unexpectedly becomes unavailable—for example due to sickness—planners will be notified in real time so that they can take immediate action,” says Wouter Tielemans, Director Supply Chain Optimization at Ordina. “The solution also takes into account employment regulations and internal agreements, providing instant feedback if a schedule conflicts with internal or external rules.”

Putting the customer first

“The care services market is changing at a rapid pace. To protect ourselves from these changes, we have developed a strategic plan that will transform Solidariteit voor het Gezin into a modern care provider by 2019. This will involve working more efficiently, giving our employees more independence, and, above all, adopting a much more customer-oriented approach. The Quintiq solution that Ordina is implementing is a crucial first step in that direction,” Guy Vervaet explains. “Of course, we won’t stop there. In the future, we want to give our employees and customers access to the planning system via a web portal or an app. They will then be able to consult the work schedules and even edit them if any last-minute changes occur. Step by step, we are developing into the 21st-century care provider we are aiming to be.”