Hybrid platform services: the optimal mix of cloud and on-premise

The benefits of cloud technology are huge in terms of both costs and scalability. Indiscriminately migrating all your business applications to the cloud is rarely a good idea, however. In many situations, you are better off enabling a smart mix of on-premise and cloud to support your business goals. Ordina’s hybrid platform services help you achieve just that.

Don’t get us wrong: at Ordina we are and remain great believers in the cloud. But even more so, we believe in finding a solution that matches your unique context and business strategy. Such a solution is often a healthy combination of on-premise and cloud.

A customised roadmap

Our experts follow a set roadmap to achieve an ideal configuration. This process involves discussing your needs and expectations extensively and collaborating with your team in a goal-oriented and forward-looking manner to create value.

  1. Value discovery
    First, we try to gain insight into your current IT landscape. Which applications are currently being used, and how? Which of these are critical and must continue to run day and night? We proceed with the utmost care in this assessment, as good preparation is crucial to your success. Depending on the size of your company, this process can take several days, or even months.
  2. Value delivery
    Based on the value discovery findings, we determine which applications can migrate to the cloud and which ones should remain on-premise. We estimate beforehand how a switch may impact your employees and the organisation and prepare everything down to the last details. During the actual switchover, we do everything we can to minimize the inconvenience end users may experience from what goes on behind the scenes.
  3. Value assurance
    After the switch, you want to continue to enjoy an IT environment that is fully tailored to your business needs for as long as possible. With technology as well as your strategy constantly evolving, you cannot afford to let your IT landscape lag behind. With Ordina’s managed services, you therefore always have the latest software, your systems remain secure optimally, and your people can fully focus on their core tasks.

Backup as a service: total peace of mind

Ordina also offers backup as a service. The principle is simple: we ensure efficient and continuous archiving of all your critical data in the cloud. That way, you are always prepared for the worst, while also enjoying extremely low prices per gigabyte.

The advantages

Determining the optimal hybrid configuration for your company is worthwhile anyway, and this is why:

  • Future-proof
    When you use Ordina’s managed services, your hybrid IT environment is by definition future-proof. That’s because we ensure that both your applications and your IT infrastructure evolve with your business.
  • Fast scalability
    Applications that you place in the cloud are scalable at very short notice. This allows you to easily cope with peaks in data traffic, without having to invest in additional infrastructure.
  • Avoid financial surprises
    On-premise servers are very expensive to purchase, run, maintain and repair. In the case of a cloud environment, on the other hand, you only pay for what you use, and keep your budget under control as a result.

Why choose Ordina?

At Ordina, rather than push specific solutions, we always look at the bigger picture. Our people have extensive knowledge of both cloud and on-premise solutions. We also keep in mind security and sector-specific challenges when putting a solution together.

Want to know more about our hybrid platform services and find out how to align IT and business more effectively? Please contact our experts.