Ordina and Chatlayer.ai join forces to build smart chatbots

Ordina becomes an integration partner of Chatlayer.ai, a scale-up that operates internationally with a strong footprint in the Benelux. Chatlayer.ai offers a platform on which the development of chat- and voicebots – ‘bots’ in short – becomes easy for business users. The intuitive platform enables companies to automate complex conversations using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in more than 100 languages.

Bots are ideal for repetitive communications and interactions. They allows companies to reduce costs and improve customer and employee experience.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (chatbots, voicebots and speech technology) is becoming an established value in the business world. Organisations are turning to this technology when it comes to interacting with customers or employees. After all, users want to be able to communicate with their favourite product, their employer, the government and suppliers whenever and through the channel that suits them best. This can be on a website, but also on Facebook, WhatsApp, or via a classic telephone line.

Chatlayer.ai – the platform that really understands its users

Chatlayer.ai focuses on intelligent chat and voicebots. “Our bots involve a lot of advanced AI. Our platform is based on in-house developed natural language processing (NLP), which has the advantages that we are language independent, that data is well protected, and that there are many options for analytics. Our technology supports over 100 languages and you don’t need to have an IT background to work with it. This mix of in-depth AI and the fact that business users can model the conversations themselves ensures that users feel truly understood”.  says Rick van Esch, CEO at Chatlayer.ai.

Ordina – digital acceleration

For Ordina, the core of digital transformation is being able to innovate on the axis of business, people and technology. People, customers or employees, appreciate fast, useful and personalized interactions.

“Chatbots have been around for years, but with the Chatlayer.ai platform, we now see a mature solution which we can offer to our clients. The possibilities are endless.” says Wonne Keysers, Director of Business Development at Ordina, “Chatbots for recurring questions provide a better user experience. But, in what situation is a chatbot desirable, what feeling do you want to create, what fits your organisation or your target group? Our Clockwork team makes these reflections about “conversational design”. The Ordina JWorks club, integration partner of Chatlayer.ai, in turn takes care of the development of the bots and the integration with back-office systems and communication channels”.

“Ordina helps to tackle the digital and business transformation of the client, not only looking at the business and technology side, but also investigating what it means in human terms” continues Rick van Esch. “They see the smart bots as a link between people, process and knowledge. In this way we can create real added value together. I am looking forward to this collaboration.”

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