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Modern Workplace

Companies realize that “work” is a verb and not a physical place. It’s all about people’s well-being, and their passion/engagement to work together for a cause. It’s about stimulating adoption and change, leadership and management and – finally – technology. Cleverly combined, these three dimensions bring a new future to our organizations.

The “digital workplace”, the “new way of working” or the “Modern Workplace” has gained momentum. Formerly, it was often reduced to “working at home”. Today we all understand that it is so much more. It’s about bringing your organization to the next level. It’s about working together anywhere, anyplace, anytime and achieving results based on mature working relationships.

“The corona crisis is a kind of ‘digital stress test’ for companies”, Peter Hinssen said. Technology plays a fundamental role in mitigating the effects of the outbreak(s) on businesses by empowering employees with a remote work environment to ensure business continuity. Due to the changing scenario, many organizations are shifting to a virtual culture by utilizing collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams, Azure and Office 365 for remote collaboration.

The Microsoft Modern Workplace is one that operates using the suite of Microsoft 365 technologies and productivity applications that harness the power of the Cloud. The advanced cloud-based and collaborative Microsoft tools not only allow employees to stay productive without compromising on security, but also keep them connected with their team, clients and communities from anywhere at any time.

Embrace new ways of working with the Modern Workplace.

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  • the Modern Workplace journey
    > User identity and access
    > Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
    > Device Management
    > Productivity applications
    > Meetings and collaboration
    > Service monitoring
    > Adoption and change management
    > Cloud migration
    > …
  • the Ordina Modern Workplace solution:
    Every company is at a different stage of their journey. Every IT decision taker should define the priorities to enable productivity from anywhere across their organizations workforce. We get that. Discover our approach and how we can support you.


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PS. Ordina is Microsoft Gold Partner. Our team has extensive experience in MS services such as Office 365, Teams, Azure and SharePoint. We help customers in implementing advanced collaborative MS tools, we can ensure a seamless cloud migration and employee engagement.


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