Ordina Hyper Automation

Hyper effective organizations focus on the essence

Hyper Automation is all the rage, topping Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 and CIO ‘must have’ lists across the globe. But behind the hype, what is hyper automation and what are the benefits for your organization?

Gartner states: “Not one but multiple automation technologies, working in congruence, are needed to augment or replace human capabilities in the workforce.” According to Ordina: Hyper Automation unlocks the potential to become a hyper effective organization. If done right, it enables you to focus on the essence and to do better business.

Covid-19 has turned everything upside down. The answer to emerge stronger seems to be accelerating far-reaching digital transformations and to cut waste. This is where Hyper Automation comes in. It helps you to eliminate bleeders, to speed up things that are essential to your customers, to tackle obstacles for digital transformation, to introduce remote by design in your activities and to make sure your workforce is augmented to serve customers well.

Automation programs often focus on one specific technological silo, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We prefer not to limit ourselves. From Low Code, Artificial Intelligence, Decision Automation, Conversational Bots to Visual Activation: we deploy and combine a wide variety of mature technologies – but more importantly, our approach is business- & people centric, we only focus on those opportunities that bring tangible value, fast.

Whether it concerns support services such as HR, IT, sales and finance or core activities such as supply chain. Hyper Automation both enables departments to become highly valued business partners and has the potential to build a true competitive advantage.

Ordina invested in creating a client-centric Hyper Automation framework, designed to respond to typical customer challenges. Based on our experience we distinguish 5 common scenarios:

  • Conceptual outlines & technological perspective are set. Need for a partner to successfully implement a concrete (hyper) automation use case, but with the bigger picture in mind.
  • Need to create understanding and support at senior management/leadership level regarding (hyper) automation potential for the organisation.
  • Need for an evidence-based hyper automation road map targeting one or more domains, processes and/or activities, covering use cases, IT platforms, capabilities, operating model & demand generation.
  • Need to explore and unlock the full potential of (hyper) automation capabilities that are already in place.
  • Need for structural support for roadmap realisation and evolution & maximise return on investments.

We do not believe in big bangs for (hyper) automation. It is our purpose to gradually guide clients towards valuable Hyper Automation initiatives, tailored to the client’s specific context, maturity and needs.

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