Supply Chain Optimization – Meet our expert.

Sven Broeckaert

Did you know that our colleagues of the Supply Chain Optimization  business unit do so much more than optimizing planning in production environments? They also assist organizations with transport, maintenance and workforce planning. What exactly does a job in this team entail and what background do you need? We asked Sven Broeckaert, senior business consultant and practice manager.

As a student, Sven developed a keen interest in production processes. So, he took the ‘production and logistics’ optional module during his Applied Economics degree. He graduated in 2007 with a thesis on planning software. ‘Planning’ continues to be his main area of expertise today. ‘Soon after my studies, I got a job at OMP, an expert in supply chain software,’ he says. ‘As a junior consultant, I worked at companies in a wide range of sectors. From chemical giants to manufacturers of aircraft parts and laminate: together with these companies, I looked at how OMP software could improve their production processes.’

Broaden his horizons

After seven years, Sven wanted to broaden his horizons. ‘At OMP, I almost exclusively dealt with the planning of production processes, for which one particular software package was used. I wanted to expand my expertise. Also, in 2014, I became a dad – a good reason to find a job closer to home.’ Ordina offered Sven the opportunity he was looking for. ‘During the interview, I could see straightaway that Ordina was a no-nonsense company. To be able to work in small teams, with the autonomy to manage your own work, that suited me down to the ground.’

I could see straightaway that Ordina was a no-nonsense company. To be able to work in small teams, with the autonomy to manage your own work, that suited me down to the ground.

Simplifying complex planning challenges

Thanks to his experience, Sven immediately ended up in a team tasked with optimizing the transport of defendants (e.g. detainees) for the Dutch government. ‘Every day, the Justice Department receives about 1,000 requests for secure transport,’ Sven explains, ‘which presents an incredibly complex planning challenge. Ordina has managed to simplify this in a big way.’  Meanwhile, Sven and his colleagues also assisted Eurotunnel with optimizing its transport planning. This project resulted in a major commission from Eurostar, which, with the help of Ordina, optimized its maintenance and workforce planning.

‘In between, I also did a few projects for SMEs,’ Sven continues. ‘Whereas Quintiq software is often used for larger projects, we help SMEs with smaller packages. But now and then, we also just carry out assessments and consult. That is one of the big advantages of Ordina: we operate in so many sectors and across such a wide range of organizations – from government to multinationals and SMEs – that our job is very varied.’

Even more exciting responsibilities

Since January 2020, Sven has also taken on the role of practice manager in his business unit. ‘As a consultant, I focus mainly on the functional aspect: I meet with clients, map their needs and oversee the project. As a practice manager, I share this knowledge and experience with younger colleagues. I also have greater involvement in pre-sales projects, recruitment, training, putting together client teams etc. So, my list of duties and responsibilities has become even more exciting these last few months.’