Integrated supply chain: secure ecosystem

Guarantee end-to-end security for your supply chain ecosystem

With an integrated supply chain, you integrate all of your organization’s processes, departments, suppliers, partners, and customers into one ecosystem. This gives you a 360° view, making you more proactive, (cost) efficient, and effective. However, there is one big caveat: is your supply chain security waterproof? After all, your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link … How do you ensure end-to-end security?

Why invest in end-to-end supply chain security?

Supply chains today are integrated and connected. And with increasing digitalization, the number of links in the integrated supply chain is growing: after all, each process involves specific hardware, software, suppliers, and employees.

The more links, the greater the complexity and security risks. Of course, each supplier ensures that its solution (in its silo) is secure. But what about the connections between the different links? Who is responsible for their security? Hackers mainly look for those weak points. The result is a domino effect: the cyber-attack impacts every link in the ecosystem, up to and including your customers – leading not only to downtime and loss of money but also to severe reputational damage.

A holistic view of every component in the entire chain is needed to make your supply chain waterproof. This is also a must to obtain the ISO 28000 or ISO 28002 certificate for supply chain security, which more and more companies are demanding from their suppliers.


In 2021 waren er 4x meer supply chain aanvallen dan het jaar ervoor, aldus  ENISA. En toch schat slechts 1 op de 5 IT-besluitvormers (22%) de risico’s op een hack of datalek door leveranciers en software als groot of zeer groot in (Ordina Data Monitor).

Supply chain security starts with an insight

You are convinced of the need for supply chain security but don’t know where to start? Do you notice gaps in your security approach but can’t put your finger on them?

Improving security starts with a clear understanding of how the current supply chain processes run, how each link and all connections between your links are secured and what the technical vulnerabilities are. Our experts will help you get those insights.

Need a clear view of your entire integrated supply chain? Check out our broader ISC assessment.

1. Security maturity assessment: where are you in terms of security?

  • Using workshops and interviews, we assess the situation (historical contractual risks, technical, organizational, and human risks).
  • We evaluate the maturity level on an objective scale and thus determine a ‘baseline measurement’.
  • We summarize the gaps, objectives, action points, KPIs, and priorities in a clear document, including a visual roadmap.

2. Vulnerability assessment: what are the technical vulnerabilities?

  • Through workshops and interviews, we map the entire supply chain, including vendor scoring, (technical) components, physical risks, knowledge and process gaps, etc.
  • We identify the technical vulnerabilities and provide advice on how to mitigate the risks.
  • We summarize the gaps, objectives, action points, KPIs, and priorities in a clear document, including a visual roadmap.

Need a clear view of your entire integrated supply chain? Check out our broader ISC assessment.

Never stop monitoring and adjusting

Once you know your security maturity and where the real vulnerabilities and risks are, our experts can draw up a roadmap for a security implementation plan. But even when the plan is implemented, the risk remains relevant. After all, hackers are getting smarter all the time and your supply chain, as well as the supply chain ecosystem, keep moving. Hence the importance of continuous monitoring. You can rely on Ordina for that too. We constantly keep our finger on the pulse and tighten the existing measures if necessary.

Why Ordina?

The unique combination of supply chain security + data visualization
No insight without data visualization – and that is what Ordina is an expert at. We visualize the results of our assessments bright and clear so that you have a crystal-clear understanding of where you stand and what the risks are.

We know the supply chain world
Our experts know the supply chain world inside and out. We know about regulations – ISO 2800 and 28002 and we are technology experts but we know equally well that the supply chain is also about people. By combining our theoretical knowledge with our practical – feet-in-the-mud – experience, we understand your challenges perfectly. This is how we arrive at feasible yet smart solutions.

Expertise in various domains
From supply chain optimization, IoT, RPA, data visualization, and IT architecture to security: our high-performance teams combine all the knowledge and experience from various business units to work out the best solution.

Local player offering continuity
Ordina is always nearby. At the same time, we are big enough to support your complex processes and ensure flexibility and continuity. Our ambition: to be a long-term partner you can build on.

Wondering how we can help? Get in touch with us.