About Ordina

Ordina is an independent IT service provider in the Benelux. We are the partner who helps you with your digital transformation and, true to our vision, ensures you stay Ahead of Change. We do this by connecting technology, business challenges and people. We help you accelerate your digital transformation, develop smart IT applications, launch new digital services and make sure that people embrace them. As a result, we create a digital lead so your organisation stays ahead.

Who are we?

The devising of and advising on the right implementation of IT, the developing and optimising of good software and platforms, and the managing and optimising of IT landscapes form the core of our business. We want to be seen in the market as a top service provider. We work with our clients in a smart way to achieve the best results for them. We do this in our own unique way, the Ordina Way. An approach where our clients know what to expect from Ordina at every stage of the collaboration. We prefer to work in teams put together according to our clients’ wishes and based on the nature and complexity of the job. The result is High-Performance Teams (HPT) that are made up of IT professionals with a wide range of expertise. They share a uniform way of working and utilise systems and tools that are used across Ordina. This not only gets the best out of our people, but also produces better results for our clients. An approach that is widely appreciated and benefits both us and our clients. A perfect win-win!

We operate in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. So, we are close to our clients and have an excellent insight into what goes on in these markets. We understand the impact technology can have and know how to utilise it to improve processes and create new business models. But even more importantly, we know what is needed for a successful synergy between business and IT. This allows us to give our clients sound advice on the best roadmap for the future. Our core activities consist of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, which we provide to our clients through our five business propositions.

Our core values

Our core values drive us. They summarise what we stand for and how we do things at Ordina. This Ordina DNA is ingrained in every Ordina professional and ensures that we know our clients inside out and use our expertise, professional know-how and talent to deliver the best possible service:

  • We discover:
    From professionalism to being ahead in your field. We are curious and we are open to new developments.
    This helps us to identify opportunities and threats and find out what they mean. Every single day, we discover how to use our talent optimally, and how we can continue to develop our professional skills.
    So we can be ahead in our field and proactively help our clients stay ‘Ahead of change’.
  • We connect:
    From working together to accepting responsibility for the result. We are open-minded, inclusive and enterprising.
    This helps us make connections and build relationships. Based on collaboration in High performance teams, Ordina accepts responsibility for the result.
    Proactively connecting inside with outside and vice versa. To realise the optimum result. Win-win situations with the best possible result for every stakeholder.
  • We accelerate:
    From knowing our clients to providing them with a digital edge. We focus on clients and strive for quality.
    This helps us look ahead and help our clients to accelerate. To proactively develop the best solutions for clients based on our business propositions.
    Ambitious solutions that make a real difference, that truly help clients to gain a digital edge.