Annual report

In its 2020 annual report, Ordina presents the results for the past year and provides an account of its financial performance.


Ordina can look back on a strong year. We quickly adapted to the new situation due to Covid-19. We were able to continue to provide our services with virtually no problems and our teams successfully switched to working remotely. And by responding effectively to client demand on the digitalisation front, we recorded excellent results in 2020. This resulted in net profit of more than EUR 22 million. In 2020, we recorded above-average growth in revenue from our business propositions. Belgium and Luxembourg once again delivered strong performances. And we also performed well in the Netherlands, even though our revenue did decline slightly.

Foreword Ordina annual report 2020:

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Key figures & five-year overview

Ordina presents its most important key figures for 2020.

Key figures & five-year overview Ordina annual report 2020:

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About Ordina

Ordina is a local, independent IT services provider in the Benelux. We are the partner that helps you make your digital transformation and that gives you a digital edge. We call this Ahead of change.

We do this by connecting technology, business challenges and people. We help you to accelerate, to develop smart IT solutions, to launch new digital services and make sure people embrace them. This is how we create a digital head start and make sure your organisation stays ahead of change.

About Ordina annual report 2020:

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Client cases

In our client cases, we show which Ordina solutions support its customers in creating or maintaining a sustainable lead.

Client cases Ordina annual report 2020:

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Financial statements 2020

Download the financial statements for 2020 here.

Financial statements 2020:

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Ordina annual report 2020

Download the full annual report 2020 here.

Ordina annual report 2020:

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