Corporate social responsibility

Our contribution to a better world.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embedded in Ordina’s business strategy. We take our responsibility for a better world from an intrinsic motivation. This motivation stems from the fact that we are at the heart of society and that we work with people and for people.

Moral obligation

Ordina is a commercial company. This means that we strive for financial return. At the same time, we want to achieve more than just financial success. Much more. We see it as our moral obligation to take social responsibility. We want to engage sustainably with our own people, people in vulnerable positions and our planet. That is why our business operations are focused on creating long-term financial, social and environmental value.

Long-term impact

We consciously choose not to purchase certificates with which we buy off our impact on the environment and society. Nor do we donate money indiscriminately to charities. We have our own objectives and initiatives, which we deploy as much as possible in the countries where we operate: Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In addition, we mainly use our own knowledge, skills and specialties to make an impact. In doing so, we do not choose the easiest path, but we do choose the most sustainable one. In our view, this is the way to make a real impact, certainly in the long term. Our CSR policy has two pillars: 1) Environment and 2) Society.

We do not choose the easiest path, but the most sustainable one. This way, we make a real impact in the long term.

Environment: CO2-negative thanks to Ordina forest

The first pillar of our CSR policy is Environment. The focus here is on reducing our CO2 emissions. Our goal is to be CO2 neutral by 2030. Our ambition is even greater: we eventually want to become CO2-negative. 92% of our own CO2 footprint comes from the travel movements of our fellow employees. To reduce this, we have developed various mobility initiatives. However, we will always be emitting CO2. To compensate this, we plant our own Ordina forest. We are buying a piece of agricultural land in both the Netherlands and Belgium to create a new forest. In this way, we are solving part of the nitrogen problem and creating new nature at the same time.

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Society: Equal opportunities for everyone

The second pillar within our CSR policy is Society. Our ambition is to give everyone equal opportunities, both on the labor market and in terms of access to digital resources and knowledge. In this respect, we focus mainly on local initiatives. For example, Ordina BeLux has a partnership with Youthstart, which helps youngsters discover their talents and turn their dreams into reality. In the Netherlands, we use our expertise, in cooperation with JINC, to give children aged eight to sixteen a good start on the labor market.

Diversity and Inclusion

To achieve our ambition, we must first look at ourselves. We are convinced that our success depends on the quality and diversity of our people. Internally, therefore, we focus on inclusion and diversity. Diversity when it comes to the male/female ratio, but also different cultural backgrounds, people with a distance to the labor market and LGBTQ+ colleagues. One of our main targets is that by 2030 at least 30% of our employees will be women (this is now 20%). So we are not yet maximally inclusive and diverse, but we are working hard on that.

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External commitments and validation

By operating in a socially responsible way, we meet the wishes and requirements of our stakeholders. As a listed company, there are in any case legal obligations in the field of social responsibility that we must comply with. But this theme is also becoming increasingly important for our customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders. We like to work with them to contribute to solving the social challenges of our time. In order to identify the value they can expect from us in the short, medium and long term, we have drawn up a value creation model.

In reports and annual reports, we specify our concrete obligations. In this way we are complying with the European directive established by the EU, also known as the Energy Efficiency Directive. We also publish the following certificates:

  • CO2 performance ladder level 5 (for the most material emissions and chain analyses, see the SKAO website)
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • EcoVadis