Equal opportunities for everyone

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embedded in Ordina’s business strategy. We take our responsibility for a better world from an intrinsic motivation. This motivation stems from the fact that we are at the heart of society and that we work with people and for people. Our CSR policy has two pillars: Environment and Society. On this page you will find our objectives, initiatives and results within our Society pillar.

Our goal

Our ambition is to give everyone equal opportunities, both on the job market and in terms of access to digital resources and knowledge. Internally, we focus on inclusion and diversity. For example, one of our main goals is that by 2030 at least 30% of our employees will be women or non-binary (this is currently 20%).

Why the society pillar?

Our slogan is ahead of change. In other words: we help our customers to be ahead of change. With digital transformation, we are shaping a new economy. We are improving and changing businesses for a better future. Our professionals are also ahead of change; they are at the forefront of their field and contribute with their expertise to the society of tomorrow.

But our role goes beyond technology. It is about people. And about future prospects. With our expertise, we help people prepare for tomorrow’s society and adapt to a new economy.


This is necessary, because social inequality is increasing. At Ordina, we believe that everyone should have equal opportunities. We believe that our profession can play a meaningful role in this. That is why we put our knowledge, skills and experience to work for society. In this way, we contribute to a fair world with equal opportunities for everyone. By creating equal digital opportunities for everyone, we contribute to a more equal existence. One way we do this is by making our knowledge and expertise available to organizations that work for good causes.

Diversity and inclusion

To achieve our ambition, we must first look at ourselves. We are convinced that our success depends on the quality and diversity of our people. Diversity in terms of male/female ratio, but also different cultures, people with a distance to the labor market and LGBTQ+ colleagues. We are not yet fully inclusive and diverse, but we are working hard on that. For example, we have a number of active communities that are committed to a diverse and inclusive organization. In collaboration with these communities, we will create awareness, mutual understanding and acceptance in the coming years, with the goal of bringing diversity and inclusion into the dna of our organization.

We want to give everyone equal opportunities, both on the job market and in terms of access to digital resources and digital knowledge. In doing so, we focus primarily on local initiatives.

What we do for society

The diagram below provides an overview of our initiatives that contribute to equal opportunities for all, diversity and inclusion. Below the overview you will find an explanation of each initiative.

  • Youthstart | Ordina Belgium has a partnership with Youthstart. They help youngsters to discover their talents and to turn their dreams into reality. An 8-day training course helps them give direction to their lives and find the job or study of their dreams.
  • Codefever| This is a non-profit association where young people can take IT classes to make them digitally wiser and possibly inspire them for a career in IT.
  • JINC | JINC is committed to a society where a child’s background does not determine his or her future and where every child has opportunities. Through our partnership with JINC, we are actively committed to strengthening and improving digitization in society. With our expertise, we want to give children between the ages of eight and sixteen a good start on the labor market. Through the JINC program, children are introduced to digitization, discover which work suits their talent and learn how to apply for a job. Ordina employees, for example, give lessons on digital skills at elementary schools.
  • Co Teach | Ordina helps with IT education at secondary schools. Our employees teach a module on computer science for 10 weeks. We participate in the GO Teach project set up by NL Digital and the Dutch Ministry of Education. (CO of GO?)
  • All Digital | In the Netherlands, Ordina participated in the All Digital campaign in the spring of 2020. This is an initiative of the government, social organizations and the IT sector to collect used laptops, refurbish them and distribute them to the people who need them most. Covid-19 has shown us that this is particularly important, as we rely more than ever on digital technology to learn, work and connect with others.
  • OPSPOOR | The IT Lab OPSPOOR is a lab for 37 elementary schools in Purmerend and Waterland (the Netherlands). They take care of everything concerning digital literacy with and for their 800 colleagues and 8,000 children. During the Media Literacy Week, they offer lessons to schools via a stream.
  • Pledge 1% | In 2020 we joined the Pledge 1% movement, which contributes to creating a better world. More than 11,000 organizations now participate in this movement by selflessly giving 1% of their assets, profits, products or time to a cause of their choice. At Ordina, we carry out concrete projects related to our field of expertise. Our employees also volunteer for projects run by external social organisations, such as NGOs, foundations, educational or healthcare institutions or organisations with an ANBI registration. Where possible, we choose organizations that also strive to reduce inequality and offer opportunities for people to participate in the workforce. Examples include Everyday Heroes, Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht, Salvation Army, Movement on the Ground, We Help Groningen, Questionmark, Fire Brigade and College 53.