Vision and strategy

Ordina sees digitisation as the deciding success factor in staying ahead of change


Technological developments drive innovation. Digitisation helps you stay relevant and agile as an organisation in the world of today and tomorrow. This allows you to accelerate, better align your processes and work together optimally. What’s more, it opens new doors and elevates your service provision to a new level, resulting in happier clients.
Ordina is the perfect partner for this. We are the partner who helps you with your digital transformation and, true to our vision, ensures you stay Ahead of Change. We do this by connecting technology, business challenges and people. We help you accelerate your digital transformation, develop smart IT applications, launch new digital services and make sure that people embrace them. As a result, we create a digital lead so your organisation stays ahead. To us, IT is a valuable, game-changing tool that makes digital transformation possible. We offer innovative solutions that help people, society and companies move forward. We do this, together with our clients, through sustainable innovation.

To be future-proof. That is what every organisation wants. Where business and IT used to be separate worlds, IT is now a strategic asset that adds value, which is why business and IT work closely together. Ordina sees digitisation as the deciding factor in staying ahead of change. We differentiate ourselves through our use of local multidisciplinary High-Performance Teams who are quick to produce value and results for clients. Through the development of digital solutions or optimisation and implementation of high-quality IT solutions.


From our vision of Ahead of Change, we are working on our Ordina 2022 strategy. Over the next few years, Ordina wants to maintain and cement its position as a reliable IT partner of local large companies and public authorities for client-specific service provision. This involves extending our service provision based on five business propositions with differentiating niche solutions for existing and new clients. These solutions make us a recognisable presence in the market.

Designing, developing and managing of IT solutions

As an IT service provider in the Benelux, we help our clients solve problems. We use technology for this as an answer to organisational challenges. Together with our clients, we come up with various smart, innovative solutions. We devise and advise on them, we develop and implement them, and we take care of the management and extension of them. Ranging from a handy app to a complete e-commerce platform which, besides a user-friendly website, is also linked to several business processes so that invoice processing and logistics handling are well organised. We also manage several operational systems, making sure that they are robust and reliable so that continuity is guaranteed.

Satisfied, loyal clients

Making sure that our clients are ready for the future of tomorrow, that is what we do. Our clients can count on us to provide IT solutions that really do help them realise their digital agenda. Sustainable IT solutions that are created without wasting resources or manpower, do what they are supposed to do, and last a long time. We achieve this in collaboration with our clients, thanks to an agile way of working with attention to security and privacy aspects. We translate business challenges into smart, innovative solutions, leveraging the full breadth of our company’s capabilities, with our High-Performance Teams making the difference. This allows us to accelerate the business processes of our clients, provide added value through technology, and help them stay ahead of change. And, we always take full responsibility for the result of every client assignment.

Ordina operates in the Benelux for local clients. We have built long-term client relationships in these markets with a balanced client base across industries. Because we work with local people, we are able to add value for local clients. Close to our clients.