Application Lifecycle Management for Microsoft

You develop and run modern web applications in Azure. Ordina helps you with all phases in the lifecycle of an application. We control all the layers of Azure: code development, database services, automated pipelines and hosting. This way you get an application with a stable performance that moves along at the pace of your business.

Application Lifecycle Management

A modern cloud-native application in Azure is never finished. Due to developments in the business and technology, continuous development is required. To do this effectively and efficiently, we organize Application Lifecycle Management in three areas:

  • Application Development (level: software code)
    We achieve business functionality with the (re)development of software code in a continuously agile development process. We also help you with user experience design so that your solution connects with the experiences of your clients and your employees. We have experience with Microsoft development frameworks and service-based services like Azure Functions.Depending on your goal we build a web application, a mobile application or we implement a hybrid solution. Increasingly, we combine concepts from application development, analytics, A.I. and machine learning. This results in smart applications that make you stand out in the market.
  • Application Operations (level: pipeline)
    We create and manage a development environment in Azure DevOps within which we take the code from build to production in an agile and automated way. This approach gives you a transparent supply chain. Planning boards, code, test plans and other artifacts, pipelines and monitoring all together in one environment, so you can optimally support the lifecycle of the application.
  • Platform Operations (level: cloud platform)
    We run and monitor the application in Azure, at IaaS or PaaS level and/or using managed container platforms. And if necessary, we manage your SQL databases to ensure optimal performance.
    Of course Ordina has all the security knowledge needed to build and run your applications in Azure in a secure way.

We would like to explain our experiences with modern web applications by means of two customer cases:

Case 1 – Logistics optimisation
Ordina realised a logistics solution for a client in order to optimise the capacity of marshalling yards.
We developed a cloud native solution that makes optimal use of the building blocks available in Azure. The solution makes use of the Azure App Service, Azure Functions and the Azure SQL database.
The architecture of the solution is designed to be scalable and cost-effective. At the start, the environment uses simple building blocks with a low cost pattern. As the number of movements grows, the solution effortlessly switches to building blocks suitable for higher volumes.
For the customer, it was important to have the processes and results transparent to the business. Attractive visualizations were therefore created using PowerBI. In addition to the construction, Ordina is responsible for managing the solution for the next ten years.

Case 2 – Increasing service reliability
For a transport client, Ordina realised an online application where travellers with a disability could book support. The solution, a fully cloud-native portal, is one of the first Dutch PaaS solutions to be delivered in Azure. Complex algorithms optimize the customer experience by using real-time weather and travel movements. The system links to various sources through Azure API management to make this possible. A multidisciplinary team continuously develops this service with a high customer satisfaction of 9 on a scale of 10.


Read more about our solution Ordina Application Lifecycle Management here.

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