Application Lifecycle Management

Certainty about your business-critical applications.

For many organizations, IT is one of the most important preconditions for success. With innovative IT applications and platforms, you make the difference for your clients. It is logical that your own IT professionals focus on those applications and platforms. As a result, other systems within the IT landscape receive less attention, even though these are often business-critical applications that support crucial business processes. They simply have to work all the time. Organizations prefer not to invest more than necessary in knowledge retention and change capacity for such applications. Ordina Application Lifecycle Management gives you the assurance that the continuity and development of these applications are guaranteed, by entrusting them to a professional team.

Your application landscape safe and available at all times

Ordina Application Lifecycle Management is the solution from Ordina that unburdens your organization and provides security. Our High-Performance Teams continuously keep your business-critical applications up to date to guarantee security and availability. In addition, our professionals rapidly build up knowledge of your organization, processes and applications. So you can continue to focus on your core business with peace of mind.

Ordina Application Lifecycle Management helps your organization when:

  • You are looking for a solution to guarantee knowledge- and competence-building for applications that are currently insufficiently documented, which makes further development increasingly difficult.
  • Application maintenance is overdue, creating security or compliance risks.
  • You want to scale up capacity quickly in the event of a desired change, without having to lose a lot of time training a professional every time.
  • You have trouble finding people who understand and can maintain your technology, certainly if it is outdated.

Client case: RIVM builds on Ordina’s assurance

The Vaccination Supply and Prevention Programme Department (DVP) of RIVM has relied on Ordina’s expertise and services for many years. Ordina Application Lifecycle Management manages and maintains the applications for various activities and responsibilities of RIVM-DVP, including the implementation of the National Vaccination Programme. Proactive management and maintenance are essential, as are innovations to keep the applications up to date and make them smarter. The composition of our High-Performance Team is scaled up or down on the basis of current needs and equipped with the right expertise; from Oracle Classic and Java developers to analysts and testers.


Our approach

Within Application Lifecycle Management, we work with High-Performance Teams that we can scale up or down at predictable and transparent costs to meet the current needs of your organization. Our approach is based on guaranteeing the continuity of your applications, striking a balance between investing in reliability and investing in renewal and ensuring that your platforms are agile enough to move with your organization.