Humanisation of ICT

Ordina expects the rise of new technologies to lead to a shift in IT towards the user. While in the past users were frequently forced to adapt to the possibilities of technology, we expect to see a new era in which new technology adapts to the people’s wishes. We call this trend the humanisation of IT.
Equipment, applications and apps are becoming more compact, smarter, more personal, more intuitive and more anticipatory in nature and therefore increasingly embedded in our daily lives.
The impact of the digitisation of our society is becoming more and more visible and affects both our professional and private lives. How we work and how we communicate with each other has changed.
At Ordina, we are convinced that IT will play a decisive role in the solutions to a number of major issues society faces today. For instance, IT can help us realise a more efficient public sector, affordable healthcare, secure transactions and a clean environment.

However, if IT is to play this decisive role people must be able to rely on effective and sustainable solutions. This is how IT helps people to respond successfully to the increasingly rapid changes in our world. Ordina works towards this goal each and every day, because we believe that IT should work for people.

Humanisation of ICT

A local specialist, close to the customer

Ordina strives to forge sustainable and result-driven relationships with clients and employees, so that we can make the know-how and experience of our employees available to our clients for more extended periods of time.
Innovation is often at the heart of solutions to major issues. Ordina believes that getting to the root of a problem is what makes innovation possible. This requires know-how of the client, of the market and the potential of IT, but more importantly it requires the ability to apply that know-how in the context of the client’s own business. As a Benelux-based company, we have a major advantage in that we know our clients, we know the markets and we know the laws and regulations. This is what enables us to provide clients with relevant solutions

End-to-end service provider

Ordina aims realise sustainable growth at its customers by delivering top quality solutions and services. Ordina has the know-how, systems and the people to take on and solve it’s customers IT issues. All the required competences for the entire process are available in-house, from the initial request through to implementation. We can provide our clients with support in the field of requirements, architecture, project management, development, testing, integration, implementation and deployment.  We provide the client with strategic, tactical and operational support, with the emphasis on co-creation and know-how transfer.  

Ordina Belux business solutions and services mainly relate to the way businesses and organizations set up their primary processes, control their organization, increase quality and efficiency, and strive to achieve continuous improvement. Specific business solutions strengthen the offering in specific segments.


Clockwork is Ordina’s digital engagement agency. It helps companies to make the digital transformation into truly client & employee-focused organisations. Clockwork consultants monitor social developments closely and listens to customers. They combine that knowledge with the innovative potential of ICT. This converts into distinctive customer & employee service concepts, the redesign of the ICT landscape or the optimization of information flows. Clockwork creates digital products and services that make people’s lives easier and more pleasant.

Clockwork, digital engagement agency

customer care

Customer Care or the unburdening of customers so they can focus on their core business is our cockhorse.
Quality, continuity, innovation and cost savings are prerequisites. Ordina puts dedicated, multi-disciplinary client teams in place.  Each member of that team has in-depth technological expertise, but they also know the client’s organization, business processes and application portfolio.
Quick responses, flexibility and result for the client's business is the leitmotif.

about Ordina

Ordina is the largest independent IT services provider in the Benelux region, with more than 2,900 employees. We devise, build and manage IT applications for the public sector, financial services, industry and healthcare. Our goal is to create IT solutions that really do help people move forward, IT solutions that are created without wasting scarce resources. We do this by working with our clients in partnerships for sustainable innovation.As the designers, builders and managers of a better digital world, Ordina has the expertise to improve corporate processes and IT in a sustainable fashion. Our strength lies in our ability to translate strategy and policy into our clients’ operating processes, thanks to our knowledge of their organisations, their markets and local rules and regulations.     Technology is a major driver of change in our lives. Innovations follow innovations in rapid succession and have a significant impact on our work and our living environment. This is why Ordina constantly monitors the latest technological developments. We then make these developments relevant in the context of our clients’ business by creating innovative business and IT applications that add value and generate visible results.    Ordina’s head office is located in Nieuwegein (The Netherlands) and we have various regional offices across the Benelux region (Mechelen, Hasselt, Windhof (L). The company was founded in 1973. Ordina has been listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since 1987 and are part of the Small Cap Index (AScX). In 2015, Ordina recorded revenues of EUR 348 million.