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Technology, Organisation and People: safe and reliable

Whether your business employs 9 or 9,000 people, information security is a problem that cannot (any longer) be ignored. Every day, hackers find new methods and targets to break into. Almost daily there are news stories about successful digital attacks, leaked personal data and new vulnerabilities. One break-in may be sufficient to severely damage the reputation of your business, and the financial repercussions are enormous. In May 2016, new European legislation was approved. This General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) creates a new framework for handling personal data, taking into account recent social changes and technological innovations such as cloud computing, globalisation, and the popularity of social networks. From May 2018, digital personal data must be adequately protected by law. This means that the ICT infrastructure and systems must be adapted so you can prove that the necessary protective measures are in place. We recognise that information security is a difficult and complex process. There is not currently one single solution that solves all these problems. With its Secure by Design approach, Ordina can provide the necessary aid and expertise to help you and improve your information security considerably.

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Security Healthcheck

Information security is becoming increasingly complex. Risks that were previously under control are no longer so, today or tomorrow. Add to this that modern businesses are entirely dependent on their ICT environment and it is therefore no surprise that this topic is a major concern for CIOs and CEOs of just about every company. How would you answer these questions: 

  • When was our last “security health check”?
  • Did we tackle all the findings? 
  • Can we safely invest in the further digitisation of our company? 
  • How can we safely make the transition to modern business practices through 
    mobile applications, cloud applications, smart networks, Social Media, Big Data, etc.?

All these modern techniques increase the risk of security breaches and data leaks considerably. This is where Ordina’s security expert can help you. He starts by scanning the dangers present within your organisation. Using standard-based methodologies, the reliability and security of technological, organisational and human aspects are reviewed. You then receive a report that identifies your risks and their possible impact, together with proposals for improvements. 


Privacy Health check

Big data can open up unknown worlds. It is the combination of massive amounts of data and unprecedented processing power that make this possible. How convenient is it if, based on purchasing behaviour, a supermarket knows what the most advantageous pricing is for certain products? The economic promise of big data is great for businesses.  New business models, products and services emerge. Not being involved is not an option. However, Big Data can also be problematic in terms of privacy. Both the current privacy legislation and the new, stricter GDPR regulation have an impact on how Belgian companies have to handle digital personal data. This gives rise to a great many questions: 

  • Have you already identified the personal data of your employees, your customers, your suppliers? 
    If so, have you followed the correct procedure? / If not, do you know what the correct procedure is? 
  • Are you fully aware of which data are “personal”? 
  • Can you show where the data on a particular person are stored?

Ordina’s “security” business unit provides you with aid and expertise. With the “Privacy Health check” the Ordina security expert identifies your risks and you receive a proposal for limiting the risks. Together with you we ensure that Big Data and privacy can co-exist perfectly well.


Application and Infrastructure Health Check

Hacking and internet crime have been receiving more and more attention of late. There are regular reports in the media on the theft of customer details or hacked websites. However, these reports are just the tip of the iceberg. Many incidents are currently not being discovered in time, or else companies prefer to keep them internal. It is therefore vital that you are prepared for an attack by hackers. This can be done by taking and maintaining appropriate security measures. But are the measures you are taking sufficient to keep the hackers out today, tomorrow, the day after, etc.?

Ordina’s security consultants will identify your risks. They have the latest tools and techniques and detect vulnerabilities in the security of your systems and applications using penetration tests and ethical hacking. They are trained to follow the way hackers think and work.


Specialised consultancy

To manage your information security risks properly, you need to approach this in various areas: your data, people and processes, applications and infrastructure. Modifications or changes in one area affect other areas. Obtaining a clear picture of your various information security issues and risks is extremely important, but at the same time very difficult. Managing this issue is a crucial part of our service. Within Ordina we have acquired a “Secure-by-Design” methodology that ensures we deliver safe solutions that guarantee the security and privacy of your organisation. Security is therefore in the DNA of every Ordina consultant! Our experts will be pleased to help you set up your daily risk management on the basis of a well-thought-out action plan.