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Making innovation applicable

Objects are becoming increasingly smarter and can continuously do more. Whether this relates to detection, analysis, interaction or making decisions. The innovative applications created as a result are changing the world at a rapid pace. Technology is getting closer to people which we also call the humanization of IT. This revolution can also have consequences for your organization. You will be ready for the future with SMART Technologies from Ordina.

SMART Technologies makes innovation applicable by cleverly combining several solutions:

Virtual Reality – a different virtual world than where you are physically
Augmented Reality – reality with digital additions
Robotics – programmable machines
Smart Sensoring – artificial senses
Machine 2 Machine – communication between objects (internet of things)
Wearables – wearable technology

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We work with the Start small, Grow smart approach, in which we take organizations that want to innovate through the stages of inspiration, realization and management. 

We inspire you with services such as the inspiration roadshow and we help you with your vision of technological innovations and realizing “rethinking” within your organization. Through SMART prototyping we can realize a product within 2-3 weeks to use it as input for refining the business case, on which Go/NoGo decisions can be made. In addition, we also establish experiments within your organization for more insight and experience. By piloting with a minimum viable product (MVP) approach we quickly realize value to be able to integrate these later in your existing processes, organization and architecture, in which they can be managed well.

We prefer to do our projects in partnership and co-creation in which we can use our building blocks and platforms to achieve results quickly.

Smart Industries

SMART Industries are driven by a smarter use of ICT, in which machines are interconnected and can be controlled smartly. This connection is not limited to the plant but also applies to processes between companies and processes between customers and businesses. Specific industry solutions are realized within SMART Industries with the innovative technology to realize (raw materials/costs/time) more efficiently and more effectively. So solutions that create real value for the transportation, energy & utilities and manufacturing market.

SMART Health

Within healthcare we believe that technology can help to offer everyone equal opportunities to participate in everyday life, in spite of illness, disability or other limitation. At SMART Health innovative solutions are realized in 5 phases (Prevention and healthy living, Consultation, Diagnosis, Treatment and support, Checking and monitoring) of the healthcare value cycle to realize these equal opportunities.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality(VR) immerses the user in a world presented by the computer. Technology makes it possible to simulate the normal input on the human senses (such as smell, sight, feeling, etc.) and to realize exceptional experiences. SMART Technologies develops reusable platforms and VR applications tailored to you. We combine several smart technologies, which allows us always to realize a perfect solution for your situation. Through our approach, we develop innovative minimum viable products (MVP) to integrate solutions within our three virtual reality themes:

• Remote Presence
• Training and Simulation 
• Interactive Information


Programmable machines increasingly affect our daily lives, from physical robots (home automation, drones, 3d printing) to artificial intelligence (machine/deep learning, artificial intelligence) robots. Various tasks that used to be performed by humans can now be taken over by robots. SMART Technologies helps organizations realize the value of robotics for their situation, from inspiration to realization.

Augmented Reality

Within augmented reality (AR) a digital layer is shown over the physical world, which can create a lot of value benefiting efficiency, effectiveness but also entertainment. SMART Technologies creates AR applications for devices such as smartphones and smartglasses. In addition, we have developed a platform so that you can easily enter your AR-instructions and it can be used by your staff or customers.

Smart Sensoring

Sensors are the computer’s artificial senses. They have been around a long time but because of the current state of technology and the algorithms developed it is increasingly possible to realize smarter applications with them. SMART Technologies is focused on making cameras smart by realizing image analysis (computer vision) solutions, technology in buildings for indoor location determination or measure values with mobile sensors (such as 3d scan, ECG, EEG, air quality, etc.).

Machine 2 Machine

Objects that you don’t expect can bring great value by adding technology. Machine 2 machine is focused on the technology of allowing objects to communicate with each other (Internet of Things). SMART Technologies realizes solutions with great business value by using the right IoT communication technology platforms (LoRa, 4g, WebRTC) and decisions (rules, algorithms, AI, etc.), and feedback towards the human users (visualization, interaction). We integrate these within your organization in both the process and IT landscape.


The technology is increasingly getting smaller, faster and more affordable. As a result, more and more solutions are wearable and this technology will be available to the masses. Solutions such as smartwatches, smartglasses, smartpatches etc. are increasingly found in people’s homes and work. SMART Technologies realizes these solutions so that your organization can also get full value from this modern technology.