Ordina SMART Technologies organises Inspiration Workshops to inspire and guide people towards ideas for innovative applications. For Eneco, they came up with a solution for a better service provision in consultation with the customer.

  • Johan Steppe
  • September 19, 2014

Eneco is a Dutch energy company based in Rotterdam.

The company, which employs around 7,000 people, focuses on sustainable, locally generated energy and is active in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France and Belgium.

In June 2014 Eneco began a trial project involving equipping fitters with a Google Glass for their customer visits.

Through this portable computer in the form of a pair of spectacles, the fitters not only get to see the usual technical information, but also information on the customer. Based on consumption, for example, the fitter can share energy-saving tips or provide information on possible neighbourhood projects for the local generation of energy.

Eneco called on Ordina's SMART Technologies team to develop the necessary software for this trial project.

Thanks to the solution provided, Eneco employees are supplied with all the information they need to provide an even better service for their customers. Everything is hands-free, allowing them to solve problems expertly and efficiently. 


Ordina sets up SMART Inspiration Workshops at existing and potential customers.

We inspire and guide customers towards ideas for innovative applications to allow organisations to benefit from modern technology.

After all, innovative developments move incredibly fast. Smart watches, drones, virtual reality spectacles and much more technology...

Most business leaders, however, still do not have a clear idea of what all this technology can mean for their organisation.

We demonstrate concrete examples in which technological trends are translated into innovative technical applications.

Seeing is believing!

We then inspire the customer with examples from their market and sector and together convert this inspiration into concrete ideas for the company.


Our goal is to bring about sustainable innovation in partnership with the customer.


Our strength?

The smart combination of business knowledge, data and the latest technological developments such as wearable devices, drones, sensoring, image processing, gaming, etc.

We work with a multidisciplinary team, in combination with the other divisions of the Ordina organisation and specialist partners.


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