Ordina Belgium first Advanced Partner and Reseller of MongoDB, the next generation operational database vendor.

  • Ilse Pauwels
  • August 6, 2014

Mechelen 24 July, 2014
Ordina Belgium is the first Advanced Partner and Master Reseller of MongoDB.
MongoDB is a leading NoSQL database, agile and easy to use. An open-source database that  reinvents data management. Ordina Belgium has the right to sell, implement and support MongoDB solutions in the Benelux.

IT departments have to develop faster, deploy easier and scale up and down according to the business needs.  Organizations request modern applications that are more networked, social and interacted than ever. 
“MongoDB tackles these needs from a database point of view” says Jurgen Deschepper, Business Unit Manager at Ordina,” MongoDB’s NoSQL-database is the next generation operational database, designed for how we build and run applications today and tomorrow!”

Ordina has the ambition to be a proactive, strategic ICT partner for its customers and prospects. We offer end-to-end solutions in consultancy and ICT. We facilitate innovation, driven by technological mastership. MongoDB’s technology enables new types of applications, better user experience, faster time-to-market at a lower total cost of ownership.

“As believers in this open-source NoSQL database, we help our customers to combine and expose data from various existing sources, gain new insights and leverage new initiatives like big data, mobile and social media” continues Deschepper.

“Ordina has a dedicated team with more than 15 accredited MongoDB consultants. They are the first Benelux Advanced Partner and Reseller of MongoDB,” says Guillaume Prieckaerts, Partner Program Manager EMEA of MongoDB, “We are looking forward to working with Ordina in their local market!”

“Modernization used to be both a costly and complex undertaking.” concludes Jo Maes, CEO Ordina Belgium,”Choosing services and software form Ordina and MongoDB offers a compelling proposition to organisations that want to start-up innovative projects to meet customer demands or improve operating efficiency.”