Next Generation Firewall: Dell SonicWall

As threads for networks become more advanced, the next generation firewalls have to adapt to this change as well.

  • Sebastiaan Tempels
  • June 10, 2014


   If there is one certainty in the computer world, then it is that nothing is eternal. From processors to applications, there is always innovation going on. What is today the last new thing, will be in need of urgent updating tomorrow. Due to the growth of cloud computing, bring your own device and online applications challenges for IT change constantly. IT managers must now secure business applications but also optimize the network for improved speed and performance. This is no different for the network security with a firewall. Just because a company’s current firewall has not been breached, that this will still be the case tomorrow. Because there is no acute problems at this moment is no guarantee for the future, the previous generation of firewalls is not able to secure at the application level or to provide tools for bandwidth management in a dynamic environment with large amounts of data.

One of the advantages of a NGFW is that they provide IT with richer and more intelligent reporting and traffic analysis. Like this, a NGFW can be placed next to the current firewall in the existing network and instantly show what hazards are present in the network that the previous generation firewall may have missed. For this, Ordina has worked out a solution around SonicWALL to determine what is present in the network. In this way, the customer can see what its current network traffic, what hazards are present, and the benefits of SonicWALL compared to its current firewall before purchasing one.


The real value of a NGFW is not just the hardware, it is the combination of software and hardware that offers the right level of security for an enterprise. Due to the dynamic nature of security risks, new risks are constantly scanned and added to the database by SonicWALL Security Services which makes it a valuable addition. Of course not all NGFWs are the same, Dell SonicWALL is the only firewall that's supposed to offer the ability to organizations of all sizes to provide a deeper level of network security. Compared with the traditional firewall, the SonicWALL has a very flexible hardware architecture at the lowest network level. This uses a scalable, multi-core hardware architecture and patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) engine. This checks all data passing through your corporate network, regardless of port or protocol, and there is little effect on the latency of your network. SonicWALL also has reliable SSL encryption and inspection of traffic available. Problems by cyber criminals that want to attack from outside the corporate network, are discovered very quickly thanks to the IPS security. Another advantage of SonicWALL's technical protection network against malware. This provides access to a comprehensive cloud database in which more than 13 million malware variants are included. This is updated regularly and this is protecting your network.   


 So make sure to check out our Dell SonicWALL security audit so that you know what is happening in your network.