Spring I/O 16: Test-driven documentation with Spring REST Docs

The main focus this year was definitely about cloud, reactive and microservices. But it is important not to forget other topics, like documentation! Keep calm, you don’t have to do it manually! Spring made it easy for us with Spring REST Docs! This year at Spring IO, Andy Wilkinson himself talked about why, how and when Spring REST Docs are being used. Last but not least, he talked about the new features that came out in version 1.1. Since I implemented Spring REST Docs in a project, I’ll use examples from my experiences.

  • Kevin Van Houtte
  • July 13, 2016

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Kevin Van Houtte

Kevin Van Houtte is a Software Engineer at Ordina Belgium. Passionate in the Spring ecosystem and Angular framework Kevin is eager to discover new and efficient ways to solve problems. He enjoys a good challenge and is interested in cutting edge technologies. Currently he works on a project with Microservices, Spring and Angular/TypeScript.