Business acceleration in public

Sustainable digital acceleration for public organisations through low code.

More and more public organisations are struggling to keep up with the fast-changing needs and requirements of citizens, business and government. Information, products and services have to be accessible easily and quickly. And, no longer just through websites, but particularly also via (mobile) applications. What’s more, the latter have to meet all kinds of requirements in terms of security, privacy and accessibility. At the same time, there is a constant demand for new solutions from within your own organisation to meet business objectives. So, for many public organisations, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to respond quickly to changes in this demand to avoid falling behind in digital transformation.

Bridge between business needs and IT

The Ordina Solution for Business Acceleration in Public helps public organisations accelerate digital transformation, so that IT-wise, you can continue to meet the ever-changing demands and needs of citizens and government. We use the Mendix low-code platform for this, with which portals and (mobile) applications can be easily created in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional development methods.

The platform of world leader Mendix is one of the fastest low-code platforms and one of the easiest to use. For simple applications, no advanced IT knowledge is required to iterate. The fact that you can do this yourself allows you to maintain full control of your applications. As a result, you are creating a bridge between business and IT and, with the help of our specialists, you will also be able to develop new solutions quickly that provide instant added value.

Our High-Performance Teams not only help you build, test and implement solutions, but also take care of the management and ongoing development of the solutions. This makes your IT landscape agile and allows you to always respond effectively to changes. Also, you enjoy an optimal user experience thanks to a modern user interface. All this with the added bonus of giving your business a boost.

Our approach

With almost fifty consultants, we are among the top four Mendix partners. Within the public sector, we have built up a solid track record of successful Mendix projects in recent years. We have applied this knowledge and experience to developing various government-specific building blocks, allowing us to add frequently used components securely and quickly.

What’s more, thanks to our size, we can easily scale up and carry out a comprehensive implementation of the Mendix platform within almost any IT landscape. From this point, many organisations will be able to get to work on their digital acceleration themselves, with or without the help of our experts. With this approach, Ordina provides a sustainable solution for the future.