Business platforms

Get more out of secure and robust ICT. Create added value with your business platforms.

Business platforms are crucial for organisations. Whether it’s a matter of operations and planning, finance or sales, they have to be available at all times and offer room for value-driven innovations in the service of customer satisfaction, performance and efficiency. But how do you achieve this? With Ordina as a partner.

Business platforms

Ordina makes the most of your business platforms. First: we ensure that they guarantee the continuity of your processes. Second: we optimise the ICT strategy in order to take maximum advantage of technological possibilities, control costs and keep platforms up-to-date and profitable. Third: we ensure that your business platforms are versatile enough to move forward with your organisation and the ecosystem in which you operate. This is how we do it.


  1. Simplify
    Ordina is a strong believer in a stable and simple foundation. That is why we focus on robustness, flexibility, rationalisation and reducing the complexity of business platforms, enabling you to move beyond the tangle of old systems and applications. We can even do this if there is still a small group of employees using them or if they have been installed in different locations.
  2. Surround
    We increase the productivity and versatility of your business platforms by developing low-code platforms and other business apps around the standardised core. This safeguards the reliability of the business platforms and lets us put you in a position to flexibly embrace new solutions and rapidly and intelligently make them available to users.
  3. Innovate
    We can generate added value by linking new technologies and working methods with your business platforms. This could involve Internet-of-Things applications combined with SAP systems, asset management and earth observation or completely different working methods and technologies. We ensure that you can use your business platforms to take maximum advantage of technological innovations.
  4. Partners
    We also provide you with the advice to strategically review your partner landscape and select partners based on specific needs within your business platforms. From experts for the management of your legacy systems to specialists for the management and development of (multi) cloud solutions. In this way, we can jointly optimise the value of your business platforms

How to get more out of robust, secure ICT

Do you want to gain a competitive edge through business platforms, but don’t know what ICT choices to make to achieve this? Tackle the challenge with the tried-and-true approach from Ordina.