Cybersecurity & Compliance

More secure and resilient each day. Digitisation without security or privacy concerns.

Everyone is connected with everyone and everything via smart devices and online channels. This offers more opportunities to better serve your customers and employees, but it also has a flip side. Increasing security risks as well as strict laws and regulations demand action in the form of a proactive and continuous security and privacy approach. The challenge is to constantly choose and implement the right measures with limited capacity and budget. Ordina is your partner in this process.

Security & privacy

We continuously enhance your security and resilience with an integrated approach that takes technology, organisational issues and personal aspects into account. We also take an agile approach, with flexible teams and specialised expertise geared towards your specific business priorities.


  1. Technology: infrastructure, application & devices
    The robustness of your ICT landscape and networks is fundamental to providing optimal service to your customers and enabling your employees to work anytime and anywhere. That is why we quickly assess threats and vulnerabilities and then implement the right preventive, detective and corrective measures.
  2. Organisation: governance, risk & compliance
    Your organisation’s working methods must be verifiable for supervisory authorities. Our measures enable you to show that you are demonstrably in control and in compliance with laws and regulations. Which exact requirements apply to you will depend on your sector and whether you are active nationally or internationally, but for every organisation, the penalties for non-compliance with the standards are growing increasingly severe.
  3. Individual: an important link in the security chain
    Reports of data leaks, privacy violations and identity theft appear in the media on a daily basis. Sometimes this is attributable to faulty technology or an out-of-date policy. In the majority of the cases, however, it is the result of unsafe employee behaviour. That is why we create clear security frameworks and positively stimulate secure and appropriate employee behaviour.
  4. Propositions: security value approach and step-by-step GDPR plan
    Ordina delivers secure solutions that safeguard the security and privacy of your organisation. Thanks to our comprehensive Security Value approach, we ensure that you can mitigate the most urgent security risks while keeping full control yourself. In addition, we offer you a six-step plan for compliance with the new European privacy guidelines related to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

How to increase your security and resilience

Do you want to gain a competitive edge through a proactive approach to privacy and security, but don’t know what ICT choices to make to achieve this? Tackle the challenge with Ordina’s tried-and-true approach.