Cybersecurity & Compliance

Information security and quality requirements guaranteed through an approach that covers technology, organisational issues and people aspects.

In this era of digital transformation, cybersecurity is a must for all businesses across all sectors. If you ignore security risks, you not only compromise the continuity of your own business, but also that of your stakeholders. At the same time, you have to comply with all kinds of legislative and regulatory requirements imposed by the government and internal stakeholders, among others.

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It is very important that you protect your IT environment and comply with current legislative and regulatory requirements. Through the Ordina Cybersecurity & Compliance business proposition, we help make your organisation more secure and resistant to cyberattacks on the one hand, and take care of everything related to legislation, validation and quality requirements, on the other hand.


To achieve this, we adopt an integral approach, which covers technology, organisational issues and people aspects. We do this in multidisciplinary teams, made up of a wide range of expertise. These teams ensure that cybersecurity and compliance become embedded in your business, allowing you to fully focus on the digital transformation of your organisation.

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Mark Vandenwauver
Mark Vandenwauver
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