High performance teams

Creating value for clients faster thanks to Ordina’s teams of top IT professionals

All around us, the world is becoming digitised. Banks are becoming tech companies, governmental authorities are focussing on digital interaction with citizens, and innovations are boosting value for customers in the industrial sector as well. These days, you must be able to innovate at lightning speed or slowly fade away – no small challenge if your workforce is not (yet) prepared for this. That’s where Ordina’s high-performance teams come in. They allow you to create maximum value for your customers in the shortest possible time.

High-performance teams

High-performance teams are multidisciplinary coalitions of professionals who are perfectly coordinated with one another and have fully mastered the relevant technologies, from Java to Microsoft. These are the kind of teams you want if you aim to shorten time-to-market, increase the quality of IT applications or optimise your primary processes, for example. Here are some of their characteristics.


  1. DevOps culture
    High-performance teams collaborate closely based on a DevOps culture. This involves three fundamentals: trust, passion and craftsmanship. They will break the project down into manageable goals and achieve them on a short cycle.
  2. Measure & improve
    The mindset of a high-performance team is geared towards constant improvement. Mutual coaching and measuring efficiency therefore also play prominent roles within the team. They drive business value through targeted metrics.
  3. Automation first
    Maximum automation of production and quality assurance processes. High-performance teams use a fixed set of tools and business platforms, enabling them to streamline processes and save time in development.
  4. Agile governance
    Self-confidence in a team, self-organisation and goal-driven management; the context of the team impacts its performance. We provide the right application of agile principles and values so that high-performance teams can realise their full potential.

Ordina’s methodology

We develop high-performance teams based on a tried-and-true approach. We first put together a team of people with complementary skills and backgrounds that is tailored to your goal. We empower the teams with a modern toolset and give them the benefit of access to agile coaches, automation experts, serious gaming and good practices, enabling them to develop at an accelerated pace. Meanwhile, based on valuation, the team and business stakeholders determine the key indicators and align their actions and management accordingly.

How to ensure faster value creation

Do you want to gain a competitive edge through high-performance teams? We supply high-performance teams with solid expertise in numerous technologies. What’s more, the size of our organisation enables us to scale up rapidly.

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