High performance teams

Co-creation and talent development in multidisciplinary teams.

Improving customer satisfaction, quality, synergy and problem-solving ability. Increased effectiveness, drive for results and agility. Or boosting creativity, innovation and collective intelligence within their organisations. Many businesses have discovered what you can achieve when you work towards a clearly defined goal with a multidisciplinary team for a short cyclical period. But many of them struggle to get the best possible results out of these teams in terms of performance and effectiveness. While this is, in fact, essential to help customers accelerate and provide added value for them.

You set the priority, the High-Performance Team delivers

Ordina’s High-Performance Teams offer a sustainable solution to the growing need for effective development, management and any other types of teams in a digital environment. These multidisciplinary teams consist of a perfect mix of expertise and personalities. Priorities are set based on the impact to be achieved and your organisational goals. This provides focus; with work only being done on things that are most important to you and your customers at that particular time. As the client, you set the priority, the High-Performance Team delivers.

Ordina has the right experts and method of working to produce an effective team and results quickly. Our Team Performance Coaches help take the team – and therefore, your organisation – to a higher level.

Added value High-Performance Teams

  • Flying start | Get to work quickly and efficiently with a team that hits the ground running.
  • Continuity | Your own employees can be part of a High-Performance Team and so learn from the experience. This guarantees a consistent way of working and even faster integration of the team into the organisation.
  • Engagement | You work with an engaged partner and an engaged team, who take responsibility for continuity and constantly strive to improve their performance.
  • Clear agreements | One point of contact and one contract for a whole team.

Client case study: Ordina High-Performance Team assists Rabobank with fraud detection

More and more cybercriminals are operating in the digital world. The question: how can Rabobank protect itself and its customers from cybercrime? Rabobank called on the expertise of an Ordina High-Performance Team to assist them with fraud detection.

By enlisting a High-Performance Team of Ordina, we have managed to save about three months’ time.

Our approach

Ordina provides continuity and coaching as the High-Performance Team moves towards optimal performance. We achieve this thanks to the right team composition, with the perfect mix of expertise and personalities. But also, by how quickly we put together a team and have them operating at the desired level. The High-Performance Teams of Ordina produce optimal results in organisations that are used to working in business-led teams. But we also support organisations that are still developing this way of working in their transition. Whatever your organisation’s particular situation, our step-by-step method of working generates a tailored approach to suit your organisation’s individual needs.

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