AgroEnergy moves to the cloud

Ordina handles implementation to cloud platform Azure

AgroEnergy is the energy partner for greenhouse farming, with automated smart energy solutions and a wide range of energy products. For example, via AgroEnergy´s own commercial platform horticulturalists can regulate their energy matters online, so that they have greater control over their energy costs. With a view to the future, AgroEnergy decided to move all of its environments and applications to Azure, the cloud platform of Microsoft. 

High performance team

For its migration project, the company called on the assistance of IT service provider Ordina. In close collaboration with AgroEnergy’s IT professionals, a High Performance Team managed the entire migration from on-premise to the public cloud, with the development, testing, acceptance and production environments being taken from a distributed environment and put together on a single cloud platform. All other relevant services – such as security, monitoring and VPN connections – are also now delivered from the cloud.

Automating roll-out of environments

According to project manager Edwin Jongmans and solution architect Jeroen Kooiman of AgroEnergy, it was decided to automate the roll-out of the environments. “Based on input from our team, in the preparatory phase Ordina composed a whole set of scripts that served as the basis for the roll-out of the four environments. We started with the acceptance and production environment, after which came the testing and development environments. For each environment we always did extensive testing and solved any issues that we encountered”, says Jeroen Kooiman.

Responding more quickly to changes

Looking back on the project, both parties are happy with the final result. Edwin Jongmans: “For us this was a large and important project because it affected our entire application landscape. Applications for contact and contract management, invoicing, our client portal as well as the 24/7 advising services that clients receive from us. The go-live was particularly exciting because everything had to be halted for one day. Will everything go smoothly on a day like that? The issue was not so much the technology, but rather the large number of connections that we have and all of which have to be converted before you go live. Fortunately there were no significant problems during the migration. Because all environments are now together in one place, AgroEnergy can respond more quickly to changes from the business.”

Quick reactions

The collaboration with Ordina also went very smoothly. “A professional and very expert team, who worked proactively and responded quickly to changes”, notes Edwin Jongmans. “That’s a good way to work, with a team that we got to know under special circumstances. Our kick-off was in mid-March, just after the government´s announcement that, due to Corona, we would henceforth all have to work from home. Instead of physical meetings in our offices, we suddenly found ourselves in online Teams meetings. It took a bit of getting used to at first, but fortunately we experienced that both parties felt the urgency of making this project a success. And it did succeed. The great thing is that the team that built the environment now also does the management, so that all this accumulated knowledge doesn’t get lost and we´re all on the same page.”