A quality management system for safe medicines

Today, a lot of counterfeit medicines are circulating on the market, and unfortunately, even by professionals, these are difficult to distinguish from the original. In order to better protect (European) patients against this, EMVO has started to develop a system that can verify the origin of medicines. By 2019, this system (National Medicines Verification System) will be compulsorily implemented in all European countries: a quality management system. Ordina business analysts started mapping processes to build a secure European verification tool for wholesalers, pharmacists and hospitals. Ordina has developed templates for the construction of such a quality management system. Each European country has a QMS to set up according to its own needs and link these to other national systems. In addition, these are also validated by Ordina validation specialists. Thanks to this system, there will be fewer deaths in Europe as a result of taking counterfeit medicines.