IoT for bars and nightlife? Clockwork did some user research …

Euro Tap Control is an innovative partner for integrated solutions in the hospitality industry. Their core products consist of cash register systems and beam automation solutions. Euro Tap hired Ordina to explore the possibilities of IoT. Can this technology lead to new relevant innovations for their business?

Together with Clockwork, Ordina’s service design agency, they went through a design sprint process.
During the design thinking process, different ideas from different stakeholders were considered and weighed up. In terms of relevance, added value, feasibility, …. 9 concepts were validated in close cooperation with customers.
The most valuable concept was further substantiated: a deeper functional and technical analysis, an initial assessment of the technical feasibility, architecture and implementation approach.
This king concept was converted into a clear and attractive pitch, a first operating systemn (MVP) for Euro Tap Control, so that they could spread their idea to partners, customers and prospects.