Ewals Cargo Care

Tactical planning, strategic optimisation

With a capacity of 4,500 trailers and containers in thirteen European countries, logistical planning for Ewals Cargo Group is no small beer. It is a continuous challenge to increase efficiency, realize cost savings, and at the same time continue to offer customers enormous flexibility. In order to achieve these objectives, Ewals perfected its logistical planning with a sophisticated planning system. Ordina was responsible for the development, implementation and integration with other systems.

Thanks to the central Quintiq planning system, Ewals planners can now see what their colleagues are doing in real time. More than 150 planners across Europe are now working together more efficiently to process the more than 4,000 transport jobs per day. This approach has many advantages for Ewals’ customers. Thanks to the extensive control via the planning system, Ewals is now able to combine different transports for the same customer in an intelligent and efficient manner. The customer also benefits from this cost efficiency, as Ewals is able to offer more competitive prices. For the complete planning solution implemented by Ordina, Ewals won the ‘Computable Award’ for the most innovative IT project in the logistics sector.