Jan de Rijk Logistics

Quintiq planning tool tailored to the needs of tomorrow

Jan de Rijk Logistics can now count on an efficient Quintiq planning tool for its fleet of over 800 trucks. More than 50 users, spread over eighteen locations, are now using the new system. Planners can react more quickly to unexpected situations. The planning automatically takes into account a varied set of parameters and continuously adapts to the current situation in the field. More transparency and insight into the operational reality resulted in Jan de Rijk Logistics strengthening efficiency and a noticeable improvement of their customer service.

The planning processes based on Quintiq came under pressure and were in need of a thorough update. The company was looking for standardisation, without losing flexibility. One of the means for this was to link the various onboard computer systems to the logistical planning. In addition, Jan de Rijk Logistics wanted to be able to plan and monitor the handling of shipments according to a fixed schedule from now on. In order to achieve transparent planning, the retail business units, the international divisions and the airfreight divisions had to be connected to the same platform.

Ordina reviewed the current planning, dispatch and monitoring processes. We fine-tuned Jan de Rijk Logistics’ organization and developed the concept for a new, centralized logistics planning tool. The HR department of Jan de Rijk Logistics also benefited from Ordina’s reorganisation of the planning department. Ordina successfully implemented a KPI-oriented planning system. A great deal of attention was paid to the dynamics of the system (with alerting and revision management). We seamlessly linked the new system to the existing TMS system Chainware and to the black boxes and GPS systems in the trucks, and Ordina set up a service bus architecture to control the standardised message traffic with the various onboard computers. All communication – with the ERP system, customers, partners and with the trucks – now runs on a single central ‘bus’.

The upgrade of planning tools and processes at Jan de Rijk Logistics supports a sophisticated growth strategy. Ordina’s bold approach received a great deal of support. More transparency and insight into the operational reality provided Jan de Rijk Logistics with a strengthening of efficiency and improved customer service.